Our Story

Born out of Passion For Botany

My name is Nora Kornheisl, and DEHAZ Apothecary Skincare is my baby and the fruit of my labor, born out of my passion for botany. I am a wife, a mother, and a small business warrior!

Growing up on a farm, I watched my grandparents use plants and Pure Honey as a remedy for almost every health or skin problem. As a child, I thought plants had magical powers and as a young girl I fell in love with Botany & Aromatherapy as I had curiously watched my grandmother produce remedies using our Farm Grown Herbs & Traditionally Steam Distilled Oils & Hydrosols. Then I myself began to make face masks and “forced” my family members to become my human subjects!

After graduating from business school and working in the corporate world, I found my way back to the skincare field. While I was experimenting on myself to find Natural Skincare Solutions for my own skin problems and body aches, I made incredible discoveries that reignited my passion for botany and inspired me to take it further this time by creating a Clean Botanical Line of Skincare Products, because I BELIEVE in the power of nature.