Our Philosophy

Unrefined, Virgin and Organic are better
We use raw, Unrefined, Virgin and Organic natural ingredients as much as possible, to make the most pure, active and potent products. You will see a change in your skin from the very first use, in the most safe and healthy way.
Nature is Generous, so we are!
We package our products in Generous portions, offering you an excellent value for your investment. As a result, less packaging goes to waste and you can indulge in using your products regularly, without worrying of running out.
We invest in your long term satisfaction
Natural ingredients are sensitive, which means that their potency diminishes when they are exposed to light and temperature. Therefore we have invested in a special high quality violet glass manufactured in Netherlands, offering OPTIMAL PROTECTION against harmful effects of light and thereby prolonging the potency of our products.
We Stand for Commitment
We invest considerable effort and dollars into sourcing natural and organic ingredients extracted in an ethical and sustainable way from all around the world. We are committed to contributing into the growth of small organizations benefiting minorities, fighting poverty and protecting against natural pillage and exploitation. As our business grows bigger, we hope to be able to make a significant positive impact on the parts of the world from which we source our amazing ingredients.
Handcrafted with Love.
All DEHAZ products are handcrafted with an abundance of love and are a statement of passion and love for plant life. We use NO Harmful Chemical Ingredients, NO Synthetic Colors or Fragrances and NO Animal byproduct Ingredients, NO Parabens, NO Petroleum Byproducts or Mineral Oils and NO Phthalates and NO Animal Testing is ever performed.
Our products are:
  • Handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients. The selections are based on their medicinal properties only, and with no consideration for their cost.
  • Free of Artificial Fragrances & Colorants, Mineral Oils or Petroleum Ingredients.
  • Free of Parabens, Animal Byproducts, PEG-Polyethylene Glycol, Phthalates, DEA (Diethanolamine), MEA (momoethanolamine), TEA (Triethanolamine), Imdiazolidinyl Urea and DMDM Hydantoin.
  • Our Oil are 100% natural, vegan and preservative free.
  • Our Brumes and Butters are 99.7 to 100% natural and vegan (unless specified otherwise, such as in products containing Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen or Silk Peptides) and are preserved mainly with Antioxidants.
Sharing our Passion, Appreciation & Belief with You.

DEHAZ skincare was born out of PASSION for botany, APPRECIATION of what nature has to offer and BELIEF in the power of plants. Each product is a promise of a unique Aromatherapy Experience with Maximum Concentration of Very Active, High Performance Ingredients.